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Health Service

Supervisory committee of professional opticians

With the entry into force of the new regulation concerning the profession of optician, the Department of Health asked the Group of Valais Opticians (GVO) to appoint a supervisory committee to apply the new regulatory provisions.

This committee is made up of two groups of two opticians.

Its main objectives are:

  • to strengthen consultation at the practical level with the Department of health, social affairs and energy, since the department does not have the minimum necessary means to ensure the supervision.

  • to improve the effectiveness and transparency of the supervision of opticians and opticians’ businesses.

  • to take responsibility for carrying out checks on opticians’ businesses, to report any practice that is not in compliance with the legislation, as well as to submit, where necessary, to the Department of health, social affairs and energy, with the support of the supervisory committee of health professions, proposals for measures and sanctions.

  • the committee is subject to a duty of confidentiality towards outside bodies.

  • The Department of health, social affairs and energy is the decision-making body. 

  • See the articles of Ordinance 811.10 of  20.11.1996

The setting up of this committee enables the GVO to ensure that the opticians carrying out their activity in the Canton of Valais have the qualifications required to work in opticians’ businesses.

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